The major factor that hampers the growth of students is the lack of quality assessment and lack of regular measurement of the learning objectives. The current learning method adupted by the students devoid of any systematic approach to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. Explico is a revolutionary tool that has the backing of modern technology like AI and Machine Learning to bring an effective assessment platform for students.

Currently student learning primarily focuses on the various learning aspects be it online and offline. Knowledge is delivered through various mediums, and students are promoted to higher grades through examinations. Assessment of every student at an individual level is lacking in this learning system. What are the capabilities of students? What are their weaknesses? How can they overcome those weaknesses and excel? All these factors must be considered while educating the students. Explico can meet this need and offer an advanced evaluation system for the betterment of students.

How Our System Works ?

Series of Test

A series of tests are conducted according to subject for the student then these questions are mapped against certain outcomes that are assessed during the review session. The test questions are not pre-defined because our efficient AI powered system generates the concurrent tests automatically based on the previous test attempts by the students.

Assessment Review

Regular sessions are held between individual students and expert teachers after the completion of the test series. The strengths and weaknesses of students are analysed in these sessions, and queries from the students are entertained by teachers to help them improve. Solutions to the problems are discussed with the students to broaden their understanding. Covering all the aspects in a single session is never possible. We hold multiple assessment sessions on a regular basis to keep track of progress of the students.

Our Parameters


Use our automated assessment system to get an in-depth analysis of your test performance. Know the strengths you possess and the weaknesses that need improvement. You will be assessed through our transparent and authentic system.


Based on your performance in the test series, get an assessment review and learn about the possible solutions to the problems. Become a part of our extensive learning world and grab various learning opportunities, including challenger mode and regular online events.


There is nothing better than upskilling yourself and working on your capabilities. Grow by leveraging the assistance of our experienced teachers. Your progress will be assessed regularly to ensure a successful journeyn of learning and growing.