Ashutosh Shukla

Founder & CEO
15 years of software development experience with 8+ years in different startup environments.
Former CTO of CEOlution Alliance Pte Ltd.
Design and Developed education software systems for different ministries and major educational institutions in Asia- e.g. MOE Singapore, MOM Singapore, MOH Singapore, Hong Kong Baptist University, Open University Malaysia.
Lead Solution Architect of LOTM project which was used by 300 schools every year in Singapore between year 2010 - 2016

Sandesh Shetty

Co Founder & Chief Business Strategist
16 years of Business Development Experience with major focus in Education related projects.
Former Business Head - Lithan India for University Alliances
Early part of Career includes short job with ABN AMRO bank and then a shift to Education sector in 2002, since then had the opportunities of working with University Education, EdTech companies and Government in setting up, establishing and executing various Education projects.

Izam Bin Marwasi

Academic Head
Izam is self-taught parent turn tutor since 2010, seeking his own learning to learn and master deeply the context and concepts of the PSLE Maths and "fall in love" with the heuristics and the model drawings approach.
He started various communities on Facebook which currently has more than 21000 members in the group.
He is currently most sought out an individual by most of the parents who seek advice to approach difficult and complex learning.

Vanessa Wong

Academic - Maths
Vanessa Wong is currently a full-time Math tutor, specializing in the math syllabus of the primary school level. She has graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Given her extensive knowledge and passion in the subject coupled with the genuine desire to see students excel, she was inspired to meticulously develop a series of systematic and holistic learning videos to help students conquer challenging problem sums. The learning videos incorporate strategies that are developed by Ms Vanessa which have proven to be effective through her years of tutoring and education experience. Combining the creative use of technology and real-life examples to make the subject more relatable, she is able to successfully illustrate the simplicity of solving problem sums in a way that brings her students closer to their goals now more than ever before.

Nurkartina Tan (Tina)

Academic - Science
She believes that Science is a subject which is very much alive & her aim is to not only deliver an understanding of Scientific concepts in-depth but also seeks to generate interest in the students in how Science can be applied in their daily lives.
Her teaching methods are discussion-based & she also uses videos & home experiments to engage the students.
For her, passion for learning is an important goal that we should try to achieve together

Gary Tsu

Advisory Board Member
Having more than 27 years of experience in the field of education started his career as a teacher and then went on to lead the schools with Ministry of Education of Singapore
Currently he is Principal Director of CHRYL Global ventures Pte Ltd with a mission is to connect people and technology to create the future
He also into Leadership Coach, Strategist & Innovator for Education & Tech Businesses, and holding the position of Vice Chairman at Loving Heart MSC (Jurong)