PSLE Workshop : How to Ace Paper 2 Mathematics - Series 2


5 Minutes:-

Tutor to introduce himself/herself, take attendance and outline the objectives of the lesson, which are:

  1. Focusing on the simple problem-solving parts of paper 2
  2. Completing exercises during class time.
  3. Learning tips and tricks for mental calculation in paper 2 to speed up overall effectiveness in answering without careless mistake

30 Minutes:-

Skill 5: Percentage discount and profit

  • Which is 100%

Skill 6: Percentage increase and decrease

5 Own practice questions

35 Minutes:-

Skills 7: Whole numbers must know

  • Mastering 2 Types strategy
  • Mastering Higher Level LCM

5 Own practice questions

10 Minutes:-

5 Structured practice questions

10 Minutes:-

Tutor will give the students a break.

35 Minutes:-

Welcome students back and take attendance. 

Skill 8 – Angles Must Know

Skill 9 – Overlapping figures

Students will learn how to look out for clues to complete angles question and solve them effectively.

Students will learn how to look out for clues to equalize and complete overlapping type of question and solve them effectively.

6 Practice questions

25 Minutes:-

Skills 10 – Volume basic

Including rates and printing machine questions

Students will learn how to look out for clues to solve rate and volume questions effectively.

25 Minutes:-

10 Own practice quiz (Mix questions)

5 Minutes:-

Tutor will debrief students and provide slides for revision purposes.


Joseph Ng

Mr Joseph Ng has being an education consultant for more than 8 years, dedicating his time to inspire students. He specialises in Mathematics for primary school level. He is also exceptionally strong in explaining and simplifying academic concepts to make it easier for students to grasp and understand. 

Besides giving enrichment classes to primary school students, he gives workshop to better enhance his students' ability to stretch their academic abilities to the fullest. Some of such workshops are held during school holidays with the co-operation of other education institute.