Fraction, Ratio and Percentage


Maths need the application of the concept rather than just memorizing it.

And the capability to apply the concepts properly comes only with thorough preparation.
As a part of that preparation, Solving previous years questions is very much required to excel in a competitive examination.
In this Session, Teacher Izam Bin will focus on topics Fraction, Ratio and Percentages. Teacher will Solve and Explain Questions on these topics from previous year papers with some tricks and tips.

Students can interact and clear there doubts simultaneously.

Lets Study and grow.


Izam Bin Marwasi

Izam is a self-taught tutor and has been tutoring for more than 10 years. He has an inborn love to solve math problems since he was young. He brings with him a happy and fun way of learning Maths and he understands the struggles of a child. He is able to cover the various concepts systematically and to approach the questions from various angles as covered in the school exams.