PSLE Sci Workshop


The workshop includes commonly-tested exam questions (both MCQ & open-ended) from each topic and a comprehensive step-by-step process of tackling open-ended questions. We shall also be revising important concepts for each Science topic tested for PSLE 2020.

Topics covered:
1) Diversity of living things
2) Life cycles of plants & animals
3) Reproduction in plants & humans
4) Human body systems
5) Plants & their parts
6) Plant transport system
7) Air & Respiratory system
8) The circulatory system
9) The Unit of Life - Cells
10) Energy in Food
11) Exploring materials
12) Matter
13) Water & its 3 states, Water cycle
14) Electrical system
15) Magnets
16) Forces 
17) Light & shadows
18) Heat & Temperature
19) Forms of Energy & Energy conversion


Tina Tan

Tina has more than 17 years of tutoring students in Singapore and she believes that Science is a practical subject that can be applied to our day to day life.

She cultivates an interest in science by sharing practical examples and encouraging her students to discuss concepts which can be applied to their studies and ultimately helps them to excel in their science paper.