Session Details

Santhya Eva
Class : Primary VI
Subject : English

Paper 1 -Composition Writing (Part 2)

10 minutes:

Tutor to introduce himself/herself, take attendance and outline the objectives of the lesson, which are:

  1. Learning 5 (out of 10) skills required to write a narrative composition.
  2. Completing exercises during class time.
  3. Feedback from the homework that was submitted.

15 minutes: Skill 6: Metaphors/Similes

Students will be taught the various ways they can use metaphors/similes in their compositions

15 minutes: Metaphor/Similes Exercise

Students will try exercises on metaphors/similes and these will be gone through in class.

15 minutes: Skill 7 – Hyperboles/Personification

Students will be taught how to use hyperboles and personifications in their compositions.

15 minutes: Hyperboles/Personification Exercise

Students will complete exercises in class on the use of hyperboles and personification.

15 minutes: Skill 8 - Advanced Vocabulary

Students will learn how to incorporate advanced vocabulary into their compositions.

15 minutes: Advanced Vocabulary Exercise

Students will complete exercises in class on the use of advanced vocabulary.

15 minutes: Skill 9 – Surrounding description

Students will learn how to describe the surroundings and other characters’ reactions in their stories, apart from the main characters.

15 minutes: Surrounding description exercise

Students will complete a short exercise on surrounding descriptions and this will be gone through.

15 minutes: Skill 10 - Conclusions

Students will be taught skills to writing a strong conclusion.

15 minutes: Conclusions Exercise

Students will try exercises in writing a strong conclusion.

10 minutes: Tutor will provide feedback on the homework that was done.

10 minutes: Tutor will debrief students. Remaining time will be spread throughout the workshop as break time.

Other Details

Session Date

19th Sep


3h 00m

Session Start Time

03:00 PM

2 Session Credit Required