Session Details

Santhya Eva
Class : Primary VI
Subject : English

Comprehension – Open-ended

To be able to answer questions based on a text relevantly and accurately.

To be able to eliminate redundancy in their answers.

To be able to write grammatically correct answer.

  • Students will learn how to annotate the content in the comprehension passage..
  • Students will try annotating along with the tutor.
  • Students will learn the steps they need to follow when doing comprehension.
  1. Read and annotate
  2. Read the questions
  3. Read the passage again.
  • Students will be taught the different question types that may appear in the comprehension section.
  • Students will be taught how to answer factual questions.
  • Students will answer some factual questions on their own and these will be gone through.
  • Students will be taught how to answer inferential questions (practice questions will be done the following session)

Other Details

Session Date

3rd Jul


1h 30m

Session Start Time

07:30 PM

1 Session Credit Required