Explico is an online student assessment tool powered by AI and Machine Learning. It is founded and currently operated by well-versed professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the field of education management, working with schools and educational institutions in Internationally. With this expertise our team has brought a revolutionary assessment-based learning system for the students in Singapore. We felt the need for an effective platform that could identify the strength and weaknesses of students and provide module-based learning to their needs.

We hold top wise online assessment tests for the students. These tests are conducted using AI and Machine Learning technology. Concurrent tests are generated during the session by the system itself. These generated tests depend on the performance of students in the previous test. Such an efficient system can ease the process of exploring the weaknesses in the students that are not brought into consideration by the schools or other educational institutes.

We Leverage Technology for Effectiveness

What else can be better than having an assessment system that is operated by Machine Learning and AI algorithms? The capabilities and requirements of each student are different. We never adopt the strategy of asking the same pre-defined set of questions to every student. Our top-notch system generates tests based on the current performance of the students.

We Are Expanding Our Services

Professionals of Explico are also introducing another segment of this program name Explico UNI. It is an endeavour to expand the scope of this system and apply it to various educational institutes and schools. It would be available for both online and offline systems, thus enabling institutes to analyze themselves along with their students.

How Our System Works ?

Transparent Assessment

We aspire to introduce the assessment based educational system in Singapore. Our sessions would benefit the students in exploring their weaknesses and key strengths. Our assessment is transparent and flexible. This assessment can bring improvements in the students before they appear in PSLE.

Adaptive Feedback

Merely assessing the weaknesses is never enough. A proper mechanism must be adopted to review those weaknesses and work on overcoming them. We offer proper sessions for individual students. Their weaknesses are improved in those sessions by expert teachers. We cover every aspect of assessment, whether it is about assessing the students or working on their improvement.

Opportunity to Grow

As we are collaborating with various institutes for introducing this system in their educational system, there are endless opportunities for the students to polish their skills at an early age. We will offer regular online events, challenge mode for students, student analysis, and institution analysis to shift the focus towards an assessment based educational system.